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Leader as coach community meeting

Leader as coach community meeting


How can LAC hub run more smoothly and effectively? 

Leader as coach community (LAC hub) is a community of coaches who are committed leaders, either in their company or in their community. After over 6 months or working and learning together, they wanted to set intentions and actions for the next 6 months. At the same time, the community wants to invite more participation, co-creation and collaboration from its members.

Dom Dom Lab’s roles

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As co-creation and collaboration are the key outcomes, we invite the team to practice those principles with us from the very beginning. Together with the core team of LAC hub, we help define focus areas to work on by setting up interviews and surveys before the meeting to understand where the members are in terms of needs, satisfaction and frustrations. We co-designed the meeting with the core team and made sure that the design allows the participants to work together as much as possible and make use of the collective wisdom. Through interactive games and simple frameworks (like AAA feedback), the team reflected on their collaboration, what worked and what needed to be adjusted.  We used graphic facilitation and graphic recording to help the participants keep track of their own discussion and make sure that all important information is documented in a clear and useful way.