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US embassy Communication team offsite 2018

Empathetic communication for better collaboration

Keywords: co-creation, capacity building
Client: US embassy communication team


Every year the team gets together for an offsite to reflect and find the way forward. In 2018, the topic of diversity and navigating differences was so present the team decided to spend a day in their offsite to work specifically on how they can invite more understanding and empathy in the team in order to work better together.

Our role

  • Work together with the head of the team to identify needs and prioritize desired outcomes
  • Introduce framework of effective collaboration
  • Introduce exercises for the team to experience deep listening and build connection
  • Help the team reflect back on their communication strengths and weaknesses, then co-create ways to improve and move towards the desired direction via games and group discussions
  • Harvest discussion’s outcomes


  • Simple exercises and games for the team to get to know each other personally and professionally
  • A rhythm of checking in with each other to assure the work is up and running