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Reflection and Future Planning for Innovation

CSIRO – Australia 4 Innovation


Aus4Innovation is a development assistance program that aims to strengthen Vietnam’s innovation system and help shape the country’s innovation agenda in science and technology. The program is managed by CSIRO—Australia’s National Science Agency.

After five years and $16.5 million dollars, the program is extended for double the amount of time and money. The A4I team needs a space to connect and celebrate their achievements, as well as create plans for the next phase of their work.

Location: Ha Long, Quảng Ninh

Duration: one-day workshop

Our role

Even though consists of only a dozen people, the A4I team is quite diverse; their members are based across three continents with backgrounds ranging from scientists to policy advisors. This will be the first time many of them meet face to face. Therefore DDL places extra emphasis on helping them build connections as a team. Activities like storytelling and collaboration games deepen the relationship as well as help them celebrate their achievement.

To help the group build the vision, we guide them through a 3D mapping process, where their complex project is physically represented as a sculpture. From there the team can see the knots and pain points in their collaboration, as well as finding creative pathways for the future.


The team has greater appreciation for the similarities and differences among themselves. They also identify key challenges to work on for the next phase on the program