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What if we can create a space where people – and their organizations – thrive together?

In all our years of working with teams and organizations, we keep hearing the same frustration: “people are not stepping up”, or “I wish we can bring everyone together.

This seems like a global problem, since the world’s record high employee engagement only sits at 23%. What if we can create a space where people—and their organizations—thrive together?

Dom Dom Lab is…

a group of illuminators who experiment with the practices of shared leadership in Vietnam. We have found that in the space of self-management, things get done, relationships deepen, and abundance is shared. All without the unwieldiness of the pyramid-shaped organizational chart. Our core team consists of…

Trang Nguyen

Trang studied Software Engineering and Sustainability Leadership and has worked in diverse sectors including technology, marketing, education, human rights and organizational development. She is an active member of the international community of the Art of Hosting, Flow Game and Ecovillage network.

Linh Pham

Linh has felt the vibrant energy in teams where leadership is shared, and he wonders how much beauty would be created in the world if this was the normal mode. He commits to share the practice with everyone who is looking for a different way of collaboration. Linh is also a storyteller, a practitioner of the Art of Hosting, and a member of the Going Horizontal community.

Ellie Nguyen

After becoming a mother, Ellie realizes how much the quality of her day at work affects the time at home with her family. She wants to build a world where people leave the workplace feeling content and happy, so that they can come home and be present with their family. She is also an Art of Hosting practitioner, a flow game host and a yin yoga instructor.

What we offer

Horizontal leadership is not an easy thing to apply. But we have learned that through constant trials and reflection, any team can implement and benefit from this way of organizing. Our lab was founded on the principles of self-management and we practice everyday. As part of a global movement, we commit to share the methodologies through some offerings as follow:

Design and facilitate multi-stakeholder co-creation

Whether it is a project, an event, or a needed dialogue, we bring diverse viewpoints together to create shared understanding, foster collaboration, and find creative pathways forward.

Organizational Development

We work alongside teams and organizations who wish to bring more collective wisdom, collaboration and participation in their work.

Training and Capacity Building

From the continuous experiments with self-organizing practices, we distill the learning and share them through public or in-house training and workshops.

Our clients and partners

UNDP Accelerator Labs
CSIRO Vietnam
Campfire Co-op (Australia)
Percolab Co-op (Canada)
GIZ Vietnam
Coach for Life

Let’s chat!

If you are curious about self-leadership practices, please reach out to us at hello@domdomlab.vn or (+84) 333-780-577, or simply drop your message in this form. We would love to speak with you.

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